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Antenna Structure Registration

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Getting Started

Step 3: FILE - Using ASR Online Filing

All Antenna Structures meeting the registration criteria must be registered with the FCC. This requirement is in addition to the requirement that you notify the FAA and obtain an FAA determination of "no hazard." Receipt of an FAA determination does not mean that a structure is registered with the FCC.

All ASR applications use FCC Form 854. You may either file electronically, or via paper application (pdf) . We strongly recommend electronic filing versus paper filing. Electronic filing results in quicker processing, provides on-line edit checks, and in most cases is able to immediately grant an application.

There is no fee for filing FCC Form 854.

Once the FCC grants a registration, we will send you a paper copy of FCC Form 854-R (the Registration document). The Registration lists the Registration Number and assigns the painting and lighting specifications for the structure. The owner must immediately provide a copy of the Registration to all tenant licensees sited on its structure.

You may not begin construction until after you have received a Registration Number from the Commission. A file number is insufficient. In most cases, electronic filers will be able to obtain a Registration Number immediately upon filing (an exception exists for applications that require staff review, such as those that implicate NEPA, require monitoring station review or necessitate further verification).

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing uses your web browser to connect to the FCC's system, either via the Internet or by directly dialing into the FCC's computer system.

To use the Electronic Filing system, you must:

To connect to ASR electronic filing system via the Internet, choose Online Filing from the ASR home page, or click here to begin filing now. See also Public Notice, DA 00-1021 (Word) .

Obtaining Paper Copies

You may obtain a copy of FCC Form 854 from the following sources:

  • The FCC forms page
  • The Forms Distribution Center at (800) 418-FORM (3676)
  • The FCC's Fax-On-Demand system. Call (202) 418-0177 from the handset of your fax machine. Request the index to find out the document number for FCC Form 854. Remember, you must be calling from your fax machine to request the form in this manner.
  • The FCC at 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20008.

Multipurpose Form

Use FCC Form 854 (either electronically or via paper form) for all ASR filings. For example, to obtain a duplicate Registration document, choose purpose "DU" on FCC Form 854. Letter requests for this purpose are no longer acceptable. Similarly, you must submit FCC Form 854 with purpose "NT" to provide required notification of construction or with purpose "CA" for project abandonment.

Filing Multiple Applications Simultaneously (as of April 2001)

In ASR online filing, users can now file multiple applications at the same time for certain application purposes. These include:

  1. AU (Administrative Update) - users may file AUs affecting multiple registrations simultaneously. For example, a user only needs to file once if he needs to change the same phone number on multiple registrations.
  2. WD (Withdrawal) - users may withdraw multiple applications at the same time.
  3. OC (Ownership Change) - users may submit OC applications for multiple registrations simultaneously.
  4. DU (Duplicates) - users may submit duplicate requests for multiple registrations at the same time.

In ASR online filing, depending on the application purpose chosen, the system will only display data tabs that are relevant to the filing. For example, in an AU (Administrative Update), the user may only update the owner and contact data. When a user files an AU, the system will display the data tab containing the owner and contact data, but will not display coordinates or other technical data that may not be edited.

Verification of FAA Study Data

The FCC will verify the site data you provide on the registration application by cross-referencing the data on the FAA Study identified on the form. If the coordinates in the application differ by more than one second or the height is greater than one foot (.3M), the FCC will deny the registration application. In this case, you must either correct the data submitted on FCC Form 854, or obtain a new FAA determination of "no hazard."

Dismissal/Return Policy

February 24, 1999, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) released a Public Notice (DA 99-0385) (Word - pdf - text) announcing a unified policy for dismissing and returning applications and pleadings. This policy affects both the processing of antenna structure registrations and the processing of ULS issued license applications that require the submission of Registration Numbers.

Help with Filing

Contact the ULS Customer Support at 1-877-480-3201, option 2 for assistance with completing an ASR application or for information about processing policies.

Technical Support is the initial point of contact for questions about the electronic filing software.

General questions about the FCC's ASR regulations should be directed to

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