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Antenna Structure Registration

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Siting & Environmental

Siting & Environmental


The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau maintains a Wireless Facilities Siting homepage, which contains information on a variety of subjects concerning the siting of facilities for wireless telecommunications providers.

Because Antenna Structure Registration only affects those structures that may pose a hazard to air navigation (generally, those structures more than 200 feet tall or located close to an airport), ASR is not a comprehensive database of all communications structures in existence. However, many of the siting issues addressed on the Wireless Facilities Siting homepage affect all communications facilities, regardless of whether they require registration under the ASR program.

RF Emission Compliance

The Office of Engineering and Technology maintains information on the Commission's limits for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields on its RF Safety homepage. Additional RF information is available on the Wireless Facilities Siting homepage.

With respect to antennas located on fixed structures, it is the responsibility of the respective licensees, not tower owners, to undertake an environmental evaluation and file environmental assessments, if required, due to non-compliance with our RF rules. See Public Notice (Word) (rel. Feb. 25, 2000).


Certain antenna structures require additional evaluation under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). If an environmental assessment is required under NEPA for a proposed antenna structure construction or alteration, the FCC will not issue a Registration until the environmental concerns are analyzed and a "finding of no significant impact" is issued to the owner by the FCC. Form 854 contains a box indicating whether a grant of a registration for the proposed antenna structure would trigger these NEPA considerations.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has posted general guidelines for NEPA compliance. The Wireless Facilities Siting homepage also contains NEPA information.

Because NEPA compliance entails additional evaluations and coordination with other government agencies and entities, an applicant whose project implicates NEPA should allot additional time for the registration process.

Mass Media Bureau ASR Information

The Mass Media Bureau's Policy and Rules Division maintains information about the Antenna Structure Registration program, for the benefit of its licensees, at . The materials also include frequently asked questions about tower construction requirements related to digital television (DTV) buildout.

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