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Auction 73

700 MHz Band

Auction 73 Sample Results Files

Sample results files for a limited information auction

A few of the sample files below have been updated. The results data in the files has not changed. The following have changed: (1) the filename of the Hierarchical Package Content Report, (2) the name of the WITHDRAWN_PWBS worksheet in the XML spreadsheet file, and (3) the element name in the XSD file corresponding with the "round" column in the ALL_BIDS table in the XML database files. The affected files have an "updated" notation immediately following the file links.

Publicly-available information
Auction Admin (txt)
Considered Bids (txt)
CPE Calculation Report (txt)
Dropped Bids (txt)
Hierarchical Package Content Report (txt) - updated 1/18/2008
Item (txt)
Minimum Acceptable Bids (txt)
New Bids (txt)
Provisionally Winning Bids (txt)
Withdrawn Bids (txt)
XML Database Cumulative (8.3 MB) (xml)
XML Database Round (1.5 MB) (xml)
XML Spreadsheet (3.3 MB) (xml) - updated 1/18/2008

Description of XML File Formats (pdf)
XSD for use with XML Files (xsd) - updated 1/15/2008
CPE Calculation Template (xls)

Bidder-Specific information (non-public "My Bid Reports")
New Bids (txt)
Active Bids (txt)
Considered Bids (txt)
Provisionally Winning Bids (txt)
Removed Bids (txt)
Withdrawn Bids (txt)
Dropped Bids (txt)
Highest Non Provisionally Winning Bids (txt)
Round Summary (txt)

The above Highest Non Provisionally Winning Bids file is internally consistent with the other files but does not contain any data. Here is a sample of a Highest Non Provisionally Winning Bids file that does contain data: (txt)

Upload File (txt)

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