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Auction 78

AWS-1 and Broadband PCS

Auction 78 Sample Results Files

Sample results files for a limited information auction.

Publicly-available information
Auction Admin (txt)
Item (txt)
Minimum Acceptable Bids (txt)
New Bids (txt)
Provisionally Winning Bids (txt)
Withdrawn Bids (txt)
XML Database Cumulative (8.3 MB) (xml)
XML Database Round (1.5 MB) (xml)
XML Spreadsheet (3.3 MB) (xml)
Description of XML File Formats (pdf)
XSD for use with XML Files (xsd)

Bidder-Specific information (non-public "My Bid Reports")
New Bids (txt)
Active Bids (txt)
Considered Bids (txt)
Provisionally Winning Bids (txt)
Removed Bids (txt)
Withdrawn Bids (txt)
Round Summary (txt)

Upload File (txt)

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