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Auction 14

Wireless Communications Service (WCS)

DateAuction 14 began on
 and closed on
Round 29 (See PN DA 97-886)
128 licenses. 2 licenses in each of 52 Major Economic Areas (MEAs)
2 licenses in each of 12 Regional Economic Area Groupings (REAGs)
(See the Major Economic Area (MEA) Map (pdf) and the Regional Economic Area Grouping (REAG) map (pdf))
SpectrumBlock A: 2305-2310 MHz paired with 2350-2355 MHz
Block B: 2310-2315 MHz paired with 2355-2360 MHz
Block C: 2315-2320 MHz
Block D: 2345-2350 MHz
Block A & B - 10.0 MHz ea. in 52 MEAs
Block C & D - 5.0 MHz ea. in 12 REAGs
Total Bandwidth: 30.0 MHz (30,000 kHz)
See WCS & DARS Band Plan (pdf)
Winning Bidders17 bidders won 126 licenses
8 small business bidders won 32 licenses
9 other bidders won 94 licenses
Bidding Days9
Qualified Bidders24
Licenses Won126
Net Revenues
Net Bids$13,638,940.00
Gross Bids$14,892,613.00
This fact sheet includes:

Key Dates

Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
3/25/1997; 5:30 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline
4/4/1997; 6:00 pm ET
Orders for Remote Bidding Software
4/4/1997; 5:30 pm ET
Mock Auction
Auction Start
Auction Closed

Licenses Offered

A total of 128 WCS licenses were offered in this auction. Two licenses (Frequency Blocks "A" and "B"), each with a bandwidth of 10 MHz, in the 52 Major Economic Areas (MEA’s), and 2 licenses (Frequecncy Blocks "C" and "D"), each with a bandwidth of 5 MHz, in each of 12 Regional Economic Area Groupings (REAG’s).

Permissible Operations

The Wireless Communications Service (WCS) may be used for any fixed, mobile, radiolocation or broadcast-satellite (sound) use consistent with the international agreements concerning spectrum allocations, and subject to the technical rules of Part 27, Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
The Appropriations Act of 1997 directed the Commission to reallocate the use of the frequencies at 2305-2320 MHz and 2345-2360 MHz to wireless services, and to assign the use of these frequencies by competitive bidding. The Appropriations Act also required the Commission to commence the competitive bidding no later than April 15, 1997, and to ensure that all proceeds of the competitive bidding were deposited in the U.S. Treasury by September 30, 1997.

License Period and Construction Requirements

Licenses are issued for a ten-year term from the initial license grant date with a renewal expectancy similar to that afforded PCS and cellular licensees. Licensees are required to provide substantial service to their service areas within ten years. Licensees failing to demonstrate they are providing substantial service at the ten year period will be subject to forfeiture of their licenses.

Bidding Credits

A bidding credit acts as a discount on the winning bid amount that a bidder actually has to pay for the license. The size of the WCS bidding credit depends on the annual gross revenues of the bidder and its affiliates, as averaged over the preceding three years as defined in 47 C.F.R. § Section 27.210: These bidding credits are not cumulative.

Licensing Rules

Licensing Rules

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