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Auction 21

Location and Monitoring Services (LMS)

DateAuction 21 began on
 and closed on
Round 54 (See PN DA 99-405)
528 Multilateration licenses. One license offered awarded for each of the three spectrum blocks in each of 176 Economic Areas (EAs).
See the Economic Area (EA) map (pdf)
SpectrumBlock A: 904.000-909.750 MHz and 927.750-928.000 MHz
Block B: 919.750-921.750 MHz and 927.500-927.750 MHz
Block C: 921.750-927.250 MHz and 927.250-927.500 MHz
Block A - 6.0 MHz license in each of 176 EAs
Block B - 2.25 MHz license in each of 176 EAs
Block C - 5.75 MHz license in each of 176 EAs
See the LMS bandplan (pdf)
Winning Bidders4 bidders won 289 licenses
Bidding Days9
Qualified Bidders5
Licenses Won289
Licenses Held By FCC239
Net Revenues
Net Bids$3,438,294.00
Gross Bids$5,289,677.00
General information and associated licensing parameters are provided below. Public Notices provide specific information regarding this auction. This fact sheet includes:

Key Dates

Pre-Auction Seminar
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
1/25/1999; 5:30 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline
2/8/1999; 6:00 pm ET
Orders for Remote Bidding Software
2/9/1999; 5:30 pm ET
Mock Auction
Auction Start
Auction Closed

Licenses Offered

A total of 528 multilateration LMS licenses were offered; one license for each of the three spectrum blocks in each EA. Licenses were offered in 172 EAs covering the United States and 4 additional licensing regions: (1) Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands; (2) Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; (3) American Samoa; and (4) the Gulf of Mexico.

Permissible Operations

Multilateration LMS systems utilize non-voice radio techniques to determine the location and status of mobile radio units. Multilateration LMS systems are authorized to transmit status and instructional messages, either voice or non-voice, so long as they are related to the location or monitoring functions of the system.

License Period and Construction Requirements

Licenses are issued for a ten-year term from the initial license grant date. Licensees are required to construct and place in operation a sufficient number of base stations utilizing multilateration technology to provide multilateration location and monitoring service to one-third of the license areas population within five years of initial license grant and two-thirds of the population within ten years

Bidding Credits

A bidding credit acts as a discount on the winning bid amount that a bidder actually has to pay for the license. The size of the bidding credit depends on the annual gross revenues of the bidder, together with its affiliates and controlling interests, as averaged over the preceding three years
These bidding credits are not cumulative


LMS operates in the 902-928 MHz frequency band. The band is allocated for primary use by Federal Government radiolocation systems. Next in order of priority are Industrial, Scientific, and Medical devices. Federal Government fixed and mobile and LMS systems are secondary to both of these uses. The remaining uses of the 902-928 MHz band include licensed Amateur radio operations and unlicensed Part 15 equipment, both of which are secondary to all other uses of the band..

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