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Auction 3

Regional Narrowband (PCS)

DateAuction 3 began on
 and closed on
(See PNWL 94-027)
Licenses30 regional licenses. Six licenses in each of five geographic regions known as Regional Narrowband PCS service areas (RPC)
SpectrumVarious 901-902; 930-931; 940-941 MHz
Bandwidth2 licenses - 100 kHz ea.(2 x 50 kHz) in 5 Regions (Total 200 kHz)
4 licenses - 62.5 kHz ea. (50 kHz & 12,5 kHz) in 5 Regions (Total 250 kHz)
Winning Bidders9 bidders won 30 licenses
Bidding Days9
Qualified Bidders28
Licenses Won30
Net Revenues
Net Bids$392,706,796.80
Gross Bids$488,772,800.00
General information and associated licensing parameters are provided below. Public Notices provide specific information regarding this auction. This fact sheet includes:

Key Dates

Pre-Auction Seminar
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
9/26/1994; 5:30 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline
10/5/1994; 11:59 pm ET
Auction Start
Auction Closed

Licenses Offered

A total of 30 Narrowband Personal Communications Services (Narrowband PCS) licenses were offered in this auction. Two licenses, 100 kHz ea.(2 x 50 kHz), in five Regional Narrowband PCS service areas (total 200 kHz) and four licenses, 62.5 kHz ea. (50 kHz & 12,5 kHz), in five Regional Narrowband PCS service areas (total 250 kHz).
The regional Narrowband PCS auction was the first to use a new computerized auction system that allowed bidders to participate in the auction either on-site at the FCC's auction headquarters or from remote locations via computer or telephone.

Permissible Operations

Personal Communications Service (PCS) encompasses a wide variety of mobile, portable and ancillary communications services to individuals and businesses. The Commission broadly defined PCS as mobile and fixed communications offerings that serve individuals and businesses, and can be integrated with a variety of competing networks.
Narrowband PCS uses a smaller portion of the spectrum than broadband PCS. Narrowband PCS licenses are used to provide such services as two-way paging and other text-based services. For example, licensees offer services using devices that come equipped with a small keyboard allowing a subscriber to both retrieve and send complete messages through microwave signals (e.g. wireless e-mail). Licensees also use the spectrum to offer wireless telemetry which is the monitoring of mobile or fixed equipment in a remote location. For example, a licensee may remotely monitor utility meters of energy companies (this is called automatic meter reading or "AMR")..

License Period

Licenses are issued for a ten-year term from the initial license grant date.

Installment Payments

Installment payments were made available to small businesses for any of the regional narrowband licenses. See the Bidder Information Package for more details.

Bidding Credits

Businesses owned by women and minorities were entitled to a 40 percent bidding credit applicable to ten specified regional licenses, frequency block #2 (50/50 kHz paired) and #6, (50/12.5 kHz paired) in each region. See the Bidder Information Package for more details.

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