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Auction 6

Multipoint/Multichannel Distribution Services

DateAuction 6 began on
 and closed on
Licenses493 licenses. One in each of 493 Basic Trading Areas (BTAs)
Spectrum2150-2680 MHz (various frequencies in band)
Bandwidth13 channels per license - 6.0 MHz pr Channel - Total 78 MHz in 493 BTAs
Winning Bidders67 bidders won 493 licenses
Bidding Days75
Qualified Bidders155
Licenses Won493
Net Revenues
Net Bids$216,239,603.00
Gross Bids$239,729,992.00
General information and associated licensing parameters are provided below. Public Notices provide specific information regarding this auction. This fact sheet includes:

Key Dates

Pre-Auction Seminar
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
10/10/1995; 5:30 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline (Cashiers Check)
10/30/1995; 11:59 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline (Wire Transfer)
10/30/1995; 3:00 pm ET
Orders for Remote Bidding Software
Mock Auction
Auction Start
Auction Closed

Licenses Offered

A total of 493 licenses were offered in this auction. One license in each of 493 Basic Trading Areas (BTAs). There are 13 channels per license - 6.0 MHz per channel for a total of 78 MHz.

Permissible Operations

Multipoint and/or Multichannel Distribution Services (MDS), popularly referred to as "Wireless Cable," is a service that permits the delivery of video programming to subscribers through microwave transmitting and receiving antennas. The channels allocated to MDS are generally used to provide a multichannel video programming service that is similar to cable television, but, rather that being hard-wired, MDS uses microwave frequencies.

License Period

Licenses are issued for a term not to exceed ten years.

Installment Payments

Installment payments were offered. See the Bidders Information Package for more information on this subject.

Bidding Credits

A bidding credit acts as a discount on the winning bid amount that a bidder actually has to pay for the license. The size of the bidding credit depends on the annual gross revenues of the bidder and its affiliates, as averaged over the preceding three years as defined in 47 C.F.R. § 21.961(b)(1):

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