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Auction 8

Direct Broadcast Satellite 110 Degrees (DBS)

DateAuction 8 began on
 and closed on
Round 19. (See Winning Bidders PN)
Licenses1 Nationwide; 110 degree satellite
Spectrum12.2-12.7 GHz (approx.)
Bandwidth28 Ch. @ 24 MHz
Winning Bidders1 bidder won 1 license
Bidding Days1.5
Qualified Bidders3
Licenses Won1
Net Revenues
Net Bids$682,500,000.00
Total Revenues$682,500,000.00
General information and associated licensing parameters are provided below. Public Notices provide specific information regarding this auction. This fact sheet includes:

Key Dates

1/23/1996 from 12:00 p.m to 5:00 pm
Auction Start
Auction Closed

Licenses Offered

(Note: Adjacent channels are overlapping )
From January 24, 1996 through January 26, 1996 the FCC auctioned two Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) construction permits. The first permit, for the use of 28 channels in the 110 degree west orbital location offering full nationwide coverage, was awarded after 19 rounds to MCI Telecom Corp. with a winning bid of $682.5 million. (See Auction #9 for details on the second permit.)

Permissible Operations

DBS is defined to include satellite transmission of voice, video, and data direct to the consumer. Thus, while DBS is expected to be a competitor to cable, the service is not limited to the traditional model of providing multi-channel video programming. DBS is a direct-to-home satellite service that permits delivery of digitally-compressed audio and video signals to individual households by means of an 18 inch dish receiving antenna. DBS services offer packages of satellite television and radio programming which includes virtually all of the basic and premium cable programming services, retransmitted television broadcast signals (network stations are available only to "unserved households," those without off-air access or recent access via a cable subscription to an affiliate of the network in question), a substantial amount of "out-of-market" sports programming, and a wide range of pay-per-view movies.

License Period

10 years – non-broadcast
5 years – broadcast.

Bidding Credits

No bidding credits were offered in this auction.

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