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Auction 79

FM Broadcast

Auction Seminar

Online Seminar

The Auction 79 seminar concluded on June 16, 2009. To watch the video recordings of the seminar, click first Video 1 followed by Video 2.
Links for the slides from each presentation are below. To view the recording of a particular presentation, click on the the appropriate video link above and navigate to the time for that presentation (as noted below). There were intermittent recording problems with Video 1 presentations.
If you have any problems accessing the seminar, please contact FCC Auctions Technical Support at (877) 480-3201, option nine; (202) 414-1250; or (202) 414-1255 (text telephone (TTY)).


Opening Remarks

Kathryn Hostetter, Deputy Chief, Auctions and Spectrum Access Division (ASAD)

Video 1, 0:00:00 - 0:06:04 (See above for the link to the recording and for information regarding these times.)

Pre-Auction Process

Linda Sanderson, Auctions Marketing Specialist, ASAD

Video 1, 0:06:10 - 0:17:06

Due Diligence

Charles N. "Norm" Miller, Engineer, Audio Division

Video 1, 0:17:20 - 0:49:52

Panel on Auction Rules, Application and Payment Procedures

Form 175 and Overview of Radio Service and Auction Rules
Lisa Stover, Auctions Marketing Specialist, ASAD

Lisa Scanlan, Assistant Division Chief, Audio Division

Howard Davenport, Attorney Advisor, ASAD

Video 1, 0:50:10 - 2:07:30

Wire Transfer & Payment Process
Gail Glasser, Financial Management Specialist, Auctions Accounting Group

Video 1, 2:13:53 - 2:25:23

Auction Process & FCC Auction System

Debbie Smith, Wireless Telecommunications Analyst, ASAD

Video 2, 0:00:00 - 35:13:0

Post-Auction Payment and Filing Requirements

Linda Sanderson, Auctions Marketing Specialist, ASAD

Lisa Scanlan, Assistant Division Chief, Audio Division

Video 2, 35:30:00 - 42:05:00

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