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Auction 66

Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-1)


Bidding Days:
Qualified Bidders:
Winning Bidders:
104 Bidders won 1087 Licenses
Licenses Held by FCC
Gross Bids:
Net Bids:


Results (updated after each round)
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XML Files
Top Bidders (pdf)
Top Licenses (pdf)
Summary of Round Results (pdf)
Activity and Revenue Graph (pdf)
License Data (pdf)
Bidder Data (pdf)
All Markets (xls)
All Bidders (xls)
Closing Charts
Bidder Data (pdf)
Licenses by Bidder (pdf)
License Winner, Sorted by License (pdf)
Aggregate Reserve Price
Pursuant to the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act, the Commission established an aggregate reserve price of $1,029,534,343.20 applicable to the eligible frequencies that are a component of all licenses in Auction No. 66. In order for the reserve to be met, total provisionally winning bids, net of bidding credits, must exceed $2.06 billion. The net total provisionally winning bids were $13.7 billion.

Maps & Band Plans

Map Icon Cellular Market Areas (Metropolitan Statistical & Rural Service Areas) Map (pdf)
Map Icon Economic Areas including Gulf of Mexico Map (pdf)
Map Icon Regional Economic Area Groupings Map (pdf)
Band Plan Icon Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-1) (pdf)

General Information

The following file lists the upfront payment and maximum eligibility for each qualified bidder for Auction No. 66:
Upfront Payments (xls)

The following file lists each license each qualified bidder for Auction No. 66 selected on FCC Form 175:
Licenses Selected (xls)
On December 27, 2005, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce provided estimated costs and timeline information associated with relocating federal operations from the 1710-1755 MHz band. NTIA has since provided updates and progress reports. This information is available on NTIA's web page.
Tribal Bidding Credits
Includes Cellular Market Areas (CMA or MSA and RSA), Economic Area (EA or BEA) and Regional Economic Area Grouping (REAG) Cross References.
Small Entity Compliance Guide for Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum (AWS-1)
pdf - Word
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