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Auction 901

Mobility Fund Phase I


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Results (updated after each round)
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Full Information Results Files
Winning Bids Map
Winning Bids by State/County (pdf)
Winning Bids by State/County (xls)
Winning Bids by Bidder (pdf)
Winning Bids by Bidder (xls)
Bidder Summary (pdf)
Bidder Summary (xls)
All Bids (pdf)
All Bids (xls)

General Information

Eligible Census Block Data
As noted in Public Notice DA 12-641 (released 5/2/2012), the links below will take you to data on census blocks eligible for Mobility Fund Phase I support. These blocks were identified by analyzing 2010 Census data, January 2012 American Roamer (now Mosaik Solutions) data, and information submitted by third parties.
Attachment A Files (updated 9/7/2012)
Eligible Areas Map (updated 9/7/2012)
This map is an interactive visual representation of data from the Attachment A files that were updated 9/7/2012, with Public Notice DA 12-1446 (pdf). The Attachment A files contain more information and generally more detail than is displayed on the map.
On this map, eligible census blocks are black, and counties that contain any of these blocks are shaded light gray. As explained in the public notice, in most cases these census blocks will be aggregated to the census tract level for bidding. Depending on the zoom level at which you are viewing the map, you will see some of the following information: state names and borders, county names and borders, city names, tract numbers and borders, and more detailed information by county. For each county containing eligible blocks, the following information is displayed: the county name; the number of eligible blocks with road miles in any of six road categories; the number of tracts with eligible blocks; the total number of road miles in the eligible blocks for the S1100, S1200, S1400, S1500, S1640, and S1740 road categories; the total population of the eligible blocks; and the name and number of the CMA in which the county is located.
GIS Data (updated 1/11/2013)
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