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Auction 31

Upper 700 MHz Band

Test Data

Sample Round Results & Replication Procedures

The following file includes the instructions, problem model files, and sample bidder data files to facilitate the reproduction and verification of results referenced in PN DA 02-995, released on April 30, 2002.
Sample Data (zip)

Development Test Data

The following is a set of data identified in PN DA 01-1792, Auction #31.
Note: This file provides a cross reference (text) from the "License_ID" to the License name for the following test data.
University of Arizona Test 1
An auction conducted August 17 and 18, 2000, at the University of Arizona under an FCC contract with Cybernomics, Inc. Bidders were graduate students who received payments for discovering program defects and for winning licenses or packages at less than an assigned valuation for those licenses or packages (with payments being proportional to the difference between the selling price and the valuation).
Background (pdf) - Background (text)
Summary (pdf) Summary (text)
Data (zip)
University of Arizona Test 2
A series of five auctions conducted December 4-8, 2000, again at the University of Arizona through Cybernomics, Inc. Bidders were graduate students and faced incentives as in AZ1.
Background (pdf) - Background (text)
Report (pdf) - Report (text)
Data 1 (zip)
Data 2 (zip)
Data 3 (zip)
Data 4 (zip)
Data 5 (zip)
St. Anselm's Abbey High School Test
A group of three auctions conducted at St. Anselm's Abbey High School in Washington, DC, on January 20 and February 10, 2001. Bidders were upper level high school students. In addition to the incentives used in AZ1 and AZ2, bidders received a flat fee for winning a package or license.
Valuations (pdf) - Valuations (text)
Data 1 (zip)
Data 2 (zip)
Data 3 (zip)
Industry Test
The Industry Test conducted by the FCC for potential participants in Auction 31. This test was held January 24-26, 2001.
Data (zip)
BidBots Test
An auction run by Computech, Inc. under contract with the FCC on April 30, 2001. This test used programmed robotic bidders only.
Background (xls)
Summary (text)
Data (zip)
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