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Auction 87

Lower and Upper Paging Bands

Auction Tutorial

The Auction 87 start date has been changed to June 15, 2010 (see DA 10-588). Please note that the auction tutorial includes the previous auction start date and the previous dates for the upfront payment deadline and the mock auction.

Launch Auction Tutorial
The above link will launch an interactive auction tutorial that will guide you through the auction process from beginning to end. The tutorial is a training tool for potential auction applicants and is not a substitute for reading the orders, rules, and public notices regarding this auction. The tutorial will highlight some of the information presented in these releases. In addition, the tutorial will demonstrate the FCC's web-based auction application and bidding system.

Questions and technical support: If you have any questions or comments regarding the tutorial, please e-mail them to auction87@fcc.gov or use additional contact information provided in the tutorial.

For technical assistance, contact the FCC Technical Support Hotline at 877-480-3201 (option 9), 202-414-1250, or 202-414-1255 (TTY). All calls to the FCC Technical Support Hotline are recorded.
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