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Release DA 99-1346

Auction 25
"Closed Broadcast Auction" Notice and Filing Requirements for Auction of AM, FM, TV, LPTV, and FM and TV Translator Construction Permits Scheduled for September 28, 1999, Minimum Opening Bids and Other Procedural Issues
Note: See Letters, below, that remove MX groups from the auction This public notice announces the procedures and minimum opening bids for the upcoming Closed Broadcast Auction.
Attachment A (Summary of Construction Permits to be auctioned): xls
FCC Remote Bidding Software Order Form: pdf
FCC Auction Seminar Registration Form: pdf
Erratum: pdf - text - WordPerfect
1 Letter Released 8/4/99 substitutes Michael E. Wilkins for Technology Management, Inc. as the applicant for MX Group FM4: pdf
1 Letter Released 8/2/99 removing MX group: FM1: pdf
5 Letters Released 7/29/99 removing MX groups: PST 25, SST 5, SST 36, SST 50, and SST 62: pdf
MX Group AM 1 - Released 7/20/99: pdf
MX Group AM 5 - Released 7/20/99: pdf
6 Letters Released 8/16-18/99 removing MX groups: SST 30, SST 31, SST 33, SST 38, SST 49 and PST 14: pdf
2 Letters Released 8/19/99 removing MX groups: FM 3 and FMT 7: pdf
4 Letters Released 8/19/99 removing MX groups: PST8, PST12, PST27 and SST51: pdf
1 Letter Released 8/19/99 removing MX group: SST18: pdf
2 Letters Released removing MX groups: SST19 and SST66: pdf
5 Letters Released removing MX groups: PST9, PST19, PST13, SST4, and SST52: pdf
9 Letters Released removing MX groups: PST2, PST6, PST11, SST3, SST13, SST17, SST21, SST22 and SST42: pdf
5 Letters Released removing MX groups: PST1, PST4, PST18, SST20, and SST43: pdf
A Public Notice was Released removing 26 FM and 2 AM MX groups: pdf
1 Letter Released 8/26/99 removing MX group: SST59: pdf
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