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Release DA 99-2958

Auction 28
Supplemental Closed Broadcast Auction 28 Report No. AUC-99-28-A
This Public Notice announces the auction of certain AM, FM, LPTV, and TV broadcast construction permits to commence March 21, 2000 in Auction No.28
Attachment A (Note: this file has been replaced with the correct version): xls

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ERRATUM TO (DA 99-2958)
Auction 28
Correction to Attachment A Supplemental Closed Broadcast Auction DA 99-2859, Released December 23, 1999
See original Public Notice DA99-2958. This public notice corrects and replaces Attachment A of the Public Notice announcing the auction and filing requirements for the Auction of certain AM, FM, LPTV, and TV Broadcast Construction Permits Scheduled for March 21, 2000.
Attachment A: xls
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