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Auction 11

Broadband PCS D, E, & F Block


LETTER (DA 11-850)
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.
Granted the Withdrawal Request Filed by TDS. Dismissed TDI's Application for Review with Prejudice.
LETTER (DA 07-410)
Roberts-Roberts & Associates, L.L.C
The WTB responds to request from Roberts-Roberts & Associates, LLC, concerning its Payment for PCS F Block License KNLG255.
LETTER (DA-04-3508)
Letter to David L. Hill re: Tracy Corporation II - Petition for Reinstatement of F Block License and Request for Waiver of 47 CFR 1.2110(g)(4)
This letter denies the Petition for Reinstatement and Request for Waiver filed by Tracy Corporation II seeking reinstatement of its license and waiver of the Commission's installment payment rules.
LETTER (DA 04-585)
Letter to Scott P. Alderman and Doane F. Kieche; Re: Final Bid Withdrawal Payment
Assessed a final bid withdrawal payment for auction No. 11.
LETTER (DA 01-1755)
Letter To: Mr. Lou Ebert of Devon Mobile Communications, L.P.
This letter denies the waiver request of a late payment fee incurred with respect to an installment payment obligation.
LETTER (DA 00-1791)
James A. LaBelle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 21st Century Telesis, Inc. 11415 Sturgen Bay Lane Indianapolis, Indiana 46236
This Letter denies 21st Century a waiver of the installment payment rules or an extension of time.
LETTER (DA 99-520)
Letter to Stephen Kaffee, Esquire, counsel for Entertainment Unlimited, Inc,. (EU, Inc.)
This letter assessed an initial default payment and cancelled EU, Inc.'s license B458E.
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