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Auction 18

220 MHz


LETTER (DA 06-2123)
Final Bid Withdrawal for Auction No. 18, 220 MHz Bidding Consortium
LETTER (DA 02-1996)
Mr. Bradford H. Hughes, Rush Network Corporation
This letter assesses final bid withdrawal paymentin connection with Rush Network Corporation's bid withdrawalon licenses in Auction No. 18.
LETTER (DA 02-1761)
Mr. David Boucher, Intellicom Bidding Consortium
This letter assesses a final withdrawal payment of $130.00 as a result of Intellicom's withdrawal of its bid on license BEA 056B in Auction No. 18.
LETTER (DA 02-1649)
Messrs. David Niebert and Robert Kelly, Intek License Acquisition Corporation
This letter addresses Intek's final bid withdrawal payments for Auction No. 18.
LETTER (DA 02-1648)
Mr. Philp Adler
This letter addresses the final bid withdrawalpayments for Auction No. 18.
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LETTER (DA 02-805)
Messrs. Brown and Higgs on behalf DeltaCom, Inc.
This letter addresses the final bid withdrawal payment of DeltaCom, Inc. for Auction No. 18.
LETTER (DA 99-2494)
Mr. Jeremy Greene
This letter responds to Mr. Jeremy Greene's request for waiver of the Commission's competitive bidding rules. The request was denied.
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LETTER (DA 98-2321)
The Attached Letter of Denial
This letter of denial responds to two requests for waiver sought by Jeremy Greene. Mr. Greene asked to be awarded a 220 MHz service license for which he was not the winning bidder and requested special payment arrangements. Specifically, Mr. Greene requests waiver of the competitive bidding rules and the bid withdrawal rule as set forth in Section 90.905(b) of the Commission's Rules. This letter denies those requests.
LETTER (DA 98-1861)
Letter to John Reardon, Esquire, Secretary to the Board of Directors and General Counsel, Mobex Communications, Inc.
The letter denies Mobex Communications, Inc.'s request to treat its short-form application for the 220 MHz auction as if it were withdrawn prior to August 17, 1998.
LETTER (98-1722)
Air Spectrum III, Inc., 220 MHz Auction (No. 18)
This letter is in response to a request for a waiver of the Commission's rules to permit acceptance of the FCC Form 175, filed by Air Spectrum III, Inc., to participate in the Phase II 220 MHz Service auction.
LETTER (DA 98-1688)
Letter to John Reardon, Mobex Communications Inc.
This letter denies Mobes's request for confidentiality.
LETTER (DA 98-1680)
Letter to Ralph P. Addington
This letter denies Ralph P. Addington's request for confidentiality.
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