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Auction 34

800 MHz SMR General Category Service


LETTER (DA 06-2163)
Final Bid Withdrawal Payments for Auction No. 34, Communication Specialists, Inc.
LETTER (DA 06-2157)
Final Bid Withdrawal Payment for Auction No. 34, Linda Sue and Herschel Bruce Williamson
LETTER (DA 04-3696)
Letter to Mr. James D. Boyer, Nevada Wireless LLC
This letter assesses the final bid withdrawal payment for Auction No. 34.
LETTER (DA 04-1504)
Silver Palm Communications, Inc. Notice of Interim Default Payment Obligation for Auction 34
Assessed the Interim Default Payment Obligation for Silver Palm Communications, Inc. with Respect to its Default Arising out of a Commission Auction of the 800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio Service ("Auction 34").
800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) Service General Category (851-854 MHz) and Upper Band (861-865 MHz) Auction Closes
This Public Notice identifies the winning bidders of Auction No. 34. The Public Notice provides detailed information concerning down payments, filing requirements, and other key information about Auction No. 34.
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LETTER (DA 00-1949)
Mr. Steven Sixberry, Nevada Wireless
This letter denies Nevada Wireless' request for the Commission to immediately re-evaluate the "very small business" status awarded to the Auction No. 34 bidder, Preferred Acquisitions Inc.
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