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Auction 34

800 MHz SMR General Category Service


Silver Palm Communications, Inc.
Request is Denied for reconsideration of Division-level Order declining to grant Silver Palm a waiver of the final payment deadline for licenses it won in Auction 34.
ORDER (DA 07-735)
In the Matter of Silver Palm Communications, Inc.
The WTB denied a request for waiver of Section 1.2109 of the Commission's rules filed by Silver Palm Communications, Inc., the winner of ten 800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio licenses in Auction No. 34.
LETTER (DA 02-1993)
Mr. Charles M. Austin, Preferred Acquisitions, Inc.
This letter provides Preferred Acquisitions with notice of its debt to the United States due to its withdrawal of high bids in Auction No. 34.
LETTER (DA 02-1009)
Ms. Kim A. Christianson/Motient Communications Company re: Final Bid Withdrawal Payment for Auction No. 34
This letter sets aside the Letter Order released April 26, 2002, without prejudice for future action, pending review of issues arising from the Motient Bankruptcy proceeding.
LETTER (DA 02-962)
Marvin P. Leon Guerrero, President, Communication Specialists, Inc. (CommSpec)
This Letter assesses a final withdrawal payment of $62,725.00 as a result of CommSpec's withdrawal of its bid on license BEA 173-E in Auction No. 34.
LETTER (DA 02-959)
Ms. Kim A. Christianson, Manager of Regulatory Affairs for Motient Communications Company
This Letter orders Motient to pay their final bid withdrawal obligations in the cumulative sum of $1,002,960.00.
800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio Services Auction Raises $319,451,810.00
The 800 MHz SMR (General Category) Auction Closed on September 1, 2000 in round 76.
ORDER (DA 00-1602)
Emergency Motions of Small Business in Telecommunications for Stay of the 800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) Service Auctions
This Order denies two Emergency Motions for Stay filed by Small Business in Telecommunications (SBT).
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