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Auction 44

Lower 700 MHz Band


LETTER (DA 06-2170)
Final Bid Withdrawal Payment for Auction No. 44, Pioneer Telephone Association, Inc.
LETTER (DA 06-2134)
Final Bid Withdrawal Payments for Auction No. 44, Cable & Communications Corporation
LETTER (DA 06-2178)
Final Bid Withdrawal Payment for Auction No. 44, XIT Telecommunications & Technology, Ltd.
LETTER (DA 04-3887)
Letter to Dennis L. O'Neill, President, Milkyway Broadband, LLC
This letter assesses the final bid withdrawal payment for Auction No. 44.
LETTER (DA 03-2801)
Letter to Mr. Vincent D. McBride, Managing Partner
This letter refunds McBride Spectrum $3,043 withheld in connection with licenses in Auction No. 44.
LETTER (DA 03-1719)
Banks Broadcasting, Inc. Request for Waiver of Section 1.2109(b) of the Commission's Rules
This letter denies the Request for Waiver filed by Banks Broadcasting Inc.
LETTER (DA 02-2089)
Letter to Mr. A. Richard Burke, Executive Manager, Special Wireless Projects, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia
This letter denies the request filed by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer of the Government of the District of Columbia for waiver of the Auction No. 44 short-form filing deadline.
LETTER (DA 02-2085)
Letter to Sylvia Lesse, Esquire and John Kuykendall, Esquire
This letter denies the request of Coleman County Telecommunications, Ltd. for waiver of the upfront payment deadline for Auction No. 44.
LETTER (DA 02-2077)
Letter to Central Wyoming College and State Board of Education, State of Idaho Concerning FCC Form 175 Applications to Participate in Auction No. 44
This letter dismisses Central Wyoming's and State Board's requests that their short-form applications be accepted and processed outside of the Commission's competitive bidding rules.
LETTER (DA 02-857)
Mr. Thomas E. Wheeler, President/CEO of Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association
This letter denies CTIA's request for the delay of Auctions 31 and 44.
(Original CTIA letter, dated April 3, 2002, requesting delay of Auction 31): pdf
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