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Auction 58

Broadband PCS


LETTER (DA 07-3803)
Punxsutawney Communications, LLC
Assessed the final bid withdrawal payment obligation of Punxsutawney for Auction No. 58
LETTER (DA 07-3802)
Spotlight Media Corp., Inc.
Assessed the final bid withdrawal payment obligation of Spotlight Media Corp., Inc. for Auction No. 58
LETTER (DA 05-2437)
Petition for Reconsideration of Auction No. 58 Qualified Bidders Public Notice
Letter to Petitioner denying Petition for Reconsideration of the Commission's Public Notice announcing which applicants were qualified to bid in Auction No. 58
LETTER (DA 05-1343)
To Mr. Ameer X. Flippin: FCC Form 601 Filing Ex Parte Motion and Petition to Deny Against Certain FCC Form 601 Long-Form Applications Filed in Auction No. 58
Ex Parte Motion and Petition to Deny against certain FCC form 601 long form applications filed in auction 58
Attachment: pdf - Word
LETTER (DA-05-173)
Request for Extensions of Time to File a Short-Form Application, to Submit an Upfront Payment and to Postpone Auction No. 58
Letter denying request for extensions of time to file a short-form application, to submit an upfront payment and to postpone Auction No. 58.
LETTER (DA 04-4067)
Cleartone Corp. Request for Waiver and Leave to Amend FCC Form 175 in Auction No. 58
This letter memorializes our telephone conversation of December 28, 2004 and the basis for our decision regarding the request you submitted dated December 8, 2004, on behalf of Cleartone Corp.
LETTER (DS 04-3884)
Letter to Janet Fitzpatrick Moran, Esq. (Wirefree Partners, Inc.) Re: Request to Modify Post-Auction Payment Procedures for Auction No. 58
This letter denies the November 19, 2004 request of Wirefree Partners, Inc., seeking an extenion of the FCC's final payment deadline for licenses that may be won in Auction No. 58.
LETTER (DA 04-3685)
Letter to Cheryl A. Tritt, Esq.; Re: Expedited Clarification of Sections 1,2105(a) and 1.2106(a) of the Commission's Rules
The FCC responds to a request to clarify on an expedited basis the term "debt" or "non-tax debt" as referenced in Sections 1.2105(a) and 1.2106(a) of the rules.
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