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Auction 6

Multipoint/Multichannel Distribution Services


LETTER (DA 12-520)
Final Default Payment Obligation for Auction 6, Tel-Com Wireless Cable TV Corporation
Assessed the final default payment obligation for Tel-Com Wireless Cable TV Corporation with respect to its participation in Auction 6.
LETTER (DA 10-671)
Lazy Eight, Inc. -- Eligibility for Refund of Amount on Deposit for Auction 6
This letter notifies Lazy Eight, Inc. that it is eligible to seek a refund of the amount it had deposited with the Commission in connection with its participation in the Federal Communications Commission's auction of Multipoint Distribution Service licenses (Auction 6).
ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form: pdf
LETTER (DA 03-2273)
Letter Addressed to Mr. John Jung
This letter denies request for waiver and extension of installment payment obligations by Jung on Jung.
LETTER (DA 02-41)
Letter to J. Curtis Henderson, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Nucentrix Broadband Networks, Inc.
This letter responds to the Petition filed by NucentrixSpectrum Resources, Inc. seeking deferral of its installmentpayment obligations for a MDS license.
LETTER (DA 01-2266)
Letter to James A. Stenger, Esq.
This letter denies the request by Allen Leeds for a grace period in regard to installment payments due on two MDS licenses won in Auction No. 6.
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