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General Releases for 2001

Amendment of Part 1 of the Commission's Rules - Competitive Bidding Procedures
This Order adopts modifications to section 1.2105(c) of the Commission's rules, the competitive bidding "anti-collusion rule".
REPORT (FCC 01-192)
Sixth Annual CMRS Competition Report
In the matter of implementation of Section 6002(B) of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Action of 1993/Annual Report and Analysis of competitive market conditions with respect to commercial mobile services. Release Six of the Commission's annual reports on the state of CMRS competition.
Thomas J. Sugrue Opening Remarks: PowerPoint
Division Presentation: PowerPoint
ERRATUM (DA 01-707)
In the Matter of Implementation of Sections 309(j) and 337 of the Communications Act of 1934 as Amended Promotion of Spectrum Efficient Technologies on Certain Part 90 Frequencies Establishment of Public Service Radio Pool in the Private Mobile Frequencies Below 800 MHz Petition for Rule Making of the American Mobile Telecommunications Association
This Erratum corrects the final rules in Appendix B of the Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, FCC 00-403, released November 20, 2000.
WTB Announces Enhancements to the ULS to help Winning Bidders of FCC Auctions File for Tribal Land Bidding Credits
This Public Notice announces the Commission's Universal Licensing System (ULS) has been enhanced to help winning bidders in FCC auctions file license applications when seeking a tribal land bidding credit.
Instructions on how to apply for a tribal land bidding credit throughout ULS
Please note, the text version does not include the "screen shots."
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