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Auctions Releases for May 2002

LETTER (DA 02-1270)
Auction 7
Letter to Delaney M. DiStefano, Esq., Schwaninger & Associates, P.C. on behalf of CommNet Communications Network, Inc. ("CommNet")
This letter denies CommNet's request that the Auctions and Industry Analysis Division suspend ComNets installment payment obligations for one year.
Auction 53
Auction of Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Services Licenses; Notice of Auction Scheduled for February 12, 2003
This Public Notice announces an auction of Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service ("MVDDS") licenses to begin on February 12, 2003. This auction will include 354 Component Economic Area licenses for operation on frequencies 12.2-12.7 GHz. A preliminary list of licenses available for auction is included as Attachment A.
Attachment A: pdf - xls
Auction 31, 44
Auction of Licenses in the 747-762 and 777-792 MHz Bands (Auction No. 31) Postponed Until January 14, 2003; Auction of Licenses in the 698-746 MHz Band (Auction No. 44) will Proceed as Scheduled
This Public Notice announces the upcoming auction of licenses in the 747-762 and 777-792 MHZ band (Auction No. 31), is postponed until January 14, 2003, in order to provide additional time for Congress to consider legislation affecting the timing of that auction and, accordingly, bidder preparation and planning. Auction #44 will proceed as scheduled.
Auction 44
Auction of Licenses for 698-746 MHz Band; Status of FCC Form 175 Applications to Participate in the Auction; Extension of Upfront Payment Deadline
This Public Notice announces the status of the 153 applications received to participate in Auction No. 44. 72 applications were accepted for filing and 81 applications were incomplete.
Attachment A: pdf
Attachment B: pdf
ORDER (FCC 02-155)
Auction 31, 44
In the matter of Auction No. 31, Auction No. 44, Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, Paxson Communications Corporation, and the Spectrum Clearing Alliance Concerning the Applications for Review of WTB Letter, April 10, 2002, DA 02-857
This Order concludes the Bureau acted correctly and find no grounds in either Application or related filings sufficient to reverse the Bureau Letter.
ORDER (DA 02-1135)
Auction 45
In the Matter of Motion of Ranger Cellular and Miller Communications, Inc. for a Stay of the Cellular rural Service Areas Auction No. 45
This Order denies the Motion to Stay of Auction No. 45 filed by Ranger Cellular and Miller Communications.
Auction 46
1392-1395 and 1432-1435 MHz, 1390-1392 MHz, 1670-1675 MHz, and 2385-2390 MHz Bands Auction Scheduled for September 18, 2002
This Public Notice seeks comment on reserve prices or minimum opening bids and other auction procedural issues.
Attachment A: pdf - xls

Comments Filed: AeroAstro, Inc. (pdf) - ArrayComm. Inc. (pdf)
Reply Comments: AeroAstro,Inc.
Auction 46, No Link Name
27 MHz Report and Order
This Order adopts service rules proposed in the Service Rules Notice to govern the licensing of 27 MHz of electromagnetic spectrum in the 216-220 MHz, 1390-1395 MHz, 1427-1429.5 MHz, 1429.5-1432 MHz, 1432-1435 MHz, 1670-1675 MHz, and 2385-2390 MHz bands, which was recently reallocated for non-Government use.
Auction 53
Joint Press Statement of Chairman Michael Powell and Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy
In reference to the Commission's rules for MVDDS, (to permit operation of NGSO FSS systems Co-Frequency with GSO and terrestrial systems in the Ku-Band).
Commissioner Copps Statement: pdf - text
Commissioner Martin Statement: pdf - text
ORDER (FCC 02-116)
Auction 53
Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 of the Commission's Rules to Permit Operation of NGSO FSS Systems Co-Frequency with GSO and Terrestrial Systems in the Ku-Band Frequency Range
This Order addresses Petitions for Reconsideration filed in response to the First Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, releases December 8, 2000.
Auction 45
Additional Qualified Bidder for the Auction of Licenses for Cellular Rural Service Areas
This Public Notice identifies an additional applicant that has been found qualified to bid in Auction No. 45, scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 29, 2002.
Auction 45
Auction of Licenses for Cellular Rural Service Areas
This Public Notice identifies 6 applicants found to be qualified to bid in Auction No. 45. In addition, this notice contains bidding instructions and other important information regarding the auction.
Attachment A: pdf
Attachment B: pdf
Attachment C: pdf
Attachment D: pdf - text
Attachment E: pdf - text
ORDER (FCC 02-130)
Auction 2
Third Order on Reconsideration of the Report and Order and Memorandum Opinion and Order
This Order dismisses Ad Hoc Coalition's second Petition for Reconsideration of the Commission's 218-219 MHZ Second Reconsideration Order that denied the Coalition's first Petition for Reconsideration.
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