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Auctions Releases for August 2002

LETTER (DA 02-2097)
Auction 25
Letter to Mr. Larry G. Fuss, President Delta Radio, Inc.
This letter denies the Petition for Reconsideration and Waiver filed by Delta.
LETTER (DA 02-2089)
Auction 44
Letter to Mr. A. Richard Burke, Executive Manager, Special Wireless Projects, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia
This letter denies the request filed by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer of the Government of the District of Columbia for waiver of the Auction No. 44 short-form filing deadline.
LETTER (DA 02-2085)
Auction 44
Letter to Sylvia Lesse, Esquire and John Kuykendall, Esquire
This letter denies the request of Coleman County Telecommunications, Ltd. for waiver of the upfront payment deadline for Auction No. 44.
LETTER (DA 02-2077)
Auction 44
Letter to Central Wyoming College and State Board of Education, State of Idaho Concerning FCC Form 175 Applications to Participate in Auction No. 44
This letter dismisses Central Wyoming's and State Board's requests that their short-form applications be accepted and processed outside of the Commission's competitive bidding rules.
LETTER (DA 02-1554)
Auction 17
Mr. Joseph P. Gebhardt and Mr. John A. Prendergast, Esq., New Wave Networks, L.L.C.
This letter calculates New Wave's final default payment obligations for Auction No. 17.
Auction 53
Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 of the Commission's Rules to Permit Operation of NGSO FSS Systems Co-Frequency with GSO and Terrestrial Systems in the Ku-Band Frequency Range
This third erratum corrects Section 101.1417 to conform to the text of the MO&O and 2nd R&O, FCC 02-116, released May 23, 2002.
LETTER (DA 02-1996)
Auction 18
Mr. Bradford H. Hughes, Rush Network Corporation
This letter assesses final bid withdrawal paymentin connection with Rush Network Corporation's bid withdrawalon licenses in Auction No. 18.
LETTER (DA 02-1993)
Auction 34
Mr. Charles M. Austin, Preferred Acquisitions, Inc.
This letter provides Preferred Acquisitions with notice of its debt to the United States due to its withdrawal of high bids in Auction No. 34.
Auction 44
Revised Qualified Bidder Notification; 125 Qualified Bidders
This Public Notice provides the revised list of qualified bidders, their license selections and their upfront payments received for the auction of licenses in the Lower 700 MHZ C and D blocks, or the 710 716/740-746 MHZ and 716-722 MHZ Bands (Auction #44); identifies the qualified bidders that have elected early departure from the auction; and contains bidding instructions and other important information.
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Auction 46
1670-1675 MHZ Band Auction Scheduled for October 30, 2002, Notice and Filing Requirements, Minimum Opening Bids, Upfront Payments and Other Auction Procedures
This Public Notice announces the procedures and minimum opening bids for the upcoming auction of one nationwide license in the 1670-1675 MHZ band scheduled for October 30, 2002.
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LETTER (DA 02-1889)
Auction 40
Timothy E. Welch, Hill & Welch
This letter denies Mobilefone's petition seeking reconsideration of the Division's denial of a bidding credit for licenses won in Auction No. 40.
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