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Auctions Releases for February 2005

Public Notice (DA 05-506)
Auction 81
Low Power Television Auction No. 81 Scheduled for September 14, 2005; Auction No. 81 Applicants Must Provide Supplemental Information by March 18, 2005; Comment Sought on Reserve Prices or Minimum Opening Bids & Other Auction Procedures
This public notice announces the auction of construction permits for certain LPTV, television translator and Class A Television broadcast stations (Auction No. 81) to commence on September 14, 2005.
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Comments Filed
Avelino Moreia MX246: pdf
Carbon County MX229: pdf
Charles C. Townsend, III: pdf
Cooperative Television Association of Southern Minnesota: pdf
Core Group International, Inc.: pdf
Darold Smith MX241: pdf
David Bates MX239: pdf
Federated Rural Electric Association: pdf
Harold Tegtmeier MX237: pdf
Idaho State Board of Education: pdf
Iron County MX210: pdf
Iron County MX232: pdf
Jesuchristo Es Mi Refugio, Inc: pdf
Josepht Liska MX220: pdf
Julie St. Clair MX059: pdf
Mark Silberman MX169: pdf
Mark Silberman MX180: pdf
Mark Silberman MX241: pdf
Mark Silberman MX242: pdf
Meyer Feldman MX237: pdf
National Translator Association: pdf
National Translator Association MX038, MX238, MX054: pdf
Prism Broadcasting MX066: pdf
Prism Broadcasting MX073: pdf
Regional Translators Association MX060: pdf
Robert Naismith MX221: pdf
Robert Raynolds MX046: pdf
San Juan County MX234, MX235: pdf
Summit County MX229: pdf
SW Colorado Translator MX234, MX235: pdf
Troy Tumm MX246: pdf
West Central Minnesota Educational Television Company: pdf
William Germano MX239: pdf
Mintz Letter 032305: pdf
Julie Mintz MX024: pdf
Julie Mintz MX139: pdf
Laurie Mintz MX018: pdf
Amanda Orrick MX200: pdf
Dan Peek MX048 MX227 MX209: pdf
Public Notice (DA 05-505)
Auction 81
Applicants for Low Power Television Construction Permits to be Awarded in Auction No. 81 Must Submit Supplemental Information by March 18, 2005
This public notice announces that applicants for LPTV construction permits to be awarded in Auction No. 81 must submit their FRNs by March 18, 2005.
Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC 04-287)
Auction 65, 67
Amendment Of Part 22 of the Commission's Rules To Benefit The Consumers Of Air-Ground Telecommunications Services/Biennial Regulatory Review - Amendment of Parts 1, 22, And 90 Of The Commission's Rules/Amendments Of Parts 1, And 22 Of The FCC's Rules
Revised rules governing the four megahertz of dedicated spectrum in the 800 MHz commercial Air-Ground Radiotelephone Service Band. Also, proposed auction rules and streamlined other rules. By NPRM. (Dkt No. 03-103 , 05-42). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 12/15/2004 by R&O.
Statement of Chairman Powell: pdf - Word
Statement of Commissioner Copps: pdf - Word
Statement of Commissioner Adelstein: pdf - Word
Public Notice (DA 05-454)
FCC Announces New Integrated Spectrum Auction System
The WTB announces the release of a new auction application filing and bidding system known as Integrated Spectrum Auction System ("ISAS").
Auction 84
Media Bureau Announces Form 301 Application Deadline and Ten-Day Petition to Deny Period
By this Public Notice, the Media Bureau establishes certain filing deadlines for the AM Auction No. 84 applications listed below and for petitions to deny these applications.
Auction 58
Broadband PCS Spectrum Auction Closes; Winning Bidders Announced for Auction No. 58
This Public Notice Announces the Winning Bidders for Auction No. 58, Down Payments due March 7, 2005, FCC Forms 601 and 602 due March 7, 2005, Final Payments due March 21, 2005, and Ten-Day Petition to Deny Period.
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Attachment C: pdf
Attachment D: pdf
Attachment E: pdf - Word
Attachment F: pdf - Word
News Release
Auction 58
Broadband PCS Spectrum Auction Closes, Raising Over $2 Billion
Public Notice (DA 05-303)
Auction 59
Auction of Multiple Address Systems Licenses Scheduled for April 26, 2005: Reminder: Pre-Auction Seminar February 23, 2005
Auction 61
Auction of Automated Maritime Telecommunications System Licenses Scheduled for August 3, 2005; Comment Sought on Reserve Prices Or Minimum Opening Bids and Other Procedures for Auction No. 61
WTB announces the auction of ten Automated Maritime Telecommunications Systems licenses scheduled for August 3, 2005.
Attachment A: pdf - xls

Comments Filed
Havens et al.: pdf
Paging Systems: pdf
Havens et al. response to Paging Systems: pdf
Motion to Accept Response to Reply Comments and Response to Reply Comments by Paging Systems, Inc.: pdf
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