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Who We Are

Broadband Division (BD)

» Blaise Scinto Acting Division Chief
» (202) 418-BITS (2487)| send a message

The Broadband Division is responsible for facilitating rapid, widespread deployment of wireless broadband services.

  • Functions
    • Licensing (e.g., special temporary authority, auction long forms, transfers and assignments)
    • Legal matters (e.g., petitions to deny, petitions for recon, waiver requests)
    • Rulemakings
  • Portfolio of Issues
    • AWS
    • BRS/EBS
    • 70-80-90 GHz
    • MVDDS
    • 37 GHz
    • 39 GHz
    • 24 GHz
    • 2 GHz Relocation & Cost Sharing
    • 3650-3700 MHz Licensing
    • Broadcast Auxiliary
    • Multiple Address System (MAS)(Site Based & Auctioned)
    • Monitoring deployment of broadband capability consistent with Section 706 of the Act

Please Note: While divisions have primary responsibility for the issues listed, they will often find it necessary to coordinate and collaborate on a number of issues as they have historically.

Broadband Division Services

Site-Specific Microwave
CE-Digital Electronic Message Service-Common Carrier
PE-Digital Electronic Message Service-Private
CT-Local Television Transmission
CF-Point to Point Microwave
MG-Point-to-Point Microwave, Private-Industrial/Business
WA-Point-to-Point Microwave, Private-Aviation
WM-Point-to-Point Microwave, Private-Marine
WR- Point-to-Point Microwave, Private-Radiolocation

Broadcast Auxiliary - Land Mobile
LP-Broadcast Auxiliary Low Power
LV-Broadcast Auxiliary - Wireless Assist Video Devices (WAVD)
RP-Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup

Broadcast Auxiliary - Microwave
AI-Aural Intercity Relay
AB-Aural Microwave Booster
AS-Aural Studio Transmitter Link
TI-TV Intercity Relay
TB-TV Microwave Booster
TP-TV Pickup
TS-TV Studio Transmitter Link
TT-TV Translator Relay

Geographically Licensed Services
AW-Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) (1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz bands)
BR-Broadband Radio Service
DV-Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS)
ED-Educational Broadband Service
LD-Local Multipoint Distribution Service
MM-Millimeter Wave Service 70/80/90 Ghz
MS-Multiple Address System
TN-39 Ghz, Market Area
TZ-24 Ghz, Market Area

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