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WTB Orders February 2013

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WTB Orders (DA 13-298)
Amendment of the Commission's Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 3550-3650 MHz Band
Extended the reply comments deadline in this proceeding
DA-13-298A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-298A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-191)
Proposed Communications Tower 19005 Miller Avenue, Washington County, Maryland
Lifted the Stop Work Letter and allowed the County to resume construction on the Miller Avenue tower
DA-13-191A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-191A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-235)
Broadcast Auxiliary Services Spectrum
Granted the request for declaratory ruling
DA-13-235A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-235A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-231)
Service Rules for Advanced Wireless Services in the 2000-2020 MHz and 2180-2200 MHz Bands, et al
Modified the Mobile Satellite Service earth station and Ancillary Terrestrial Component licenses of ...
DA-13-231A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-231A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-234)
Telesaurus Holdings GB, LLC
Dismissed the Construction Notification and Denied the Waiver Request
DA-13-234A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-234A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-181)
Dane County Equipment Waiver
Granted the requested relief and granted Harris Corporation a waiver of Section 90.203(j)(10) to all...
DA-13-181A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-181A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-189)
Joseph M. Sandri, Jr., FiberTower Corporation
Granted the Withdrawal Request
DA-13-189A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-189A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-158)
Christine M. Busby
Denied the requests for waiver and dismissed the associated renewal applications. Granted a special ...
DA-13-158A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-158A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-143)
Mobile Telephone & Paging, Inc
Granted the request for waiver and directed the Mobility Division to process the associated renewal ...
DA-13-143A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-143A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-136)
John H. Gronemeier and Deminimis, LC
Modified the private land mobile radio licenses for Stations WIM692, WPAX683, WPJQ444, WPKC396, WPME...
DA-13-136A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-136A1: pdf - word - txt

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