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Broadband Opportunities for Rural America


Broadband Opportunities

FCC Proceedings Related to Wireless Broadband

Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Spectrum

The FCC created service rules for 90 megahertz of AWS spectrum at 1710-1755 and 2110-2155 MHz in November 2003, and completed the auction of this spectrum in September 2006.

 Advanced Wireless Services

 Advanced Wireless Services Auction

Broadband Radio Service/Educational Broadband Service

The spectrum from 2496-2690 MHz is allocated for Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and Educational Broadband Service (EBS), which can be used to provide a range of services, including wireless broadband.


700 MHz Band

The spectrum at 698-806 MHz, commonly referred to as the 700 MHz Band, is used by television broadcasters during the digital television (DTV) transition, but will become available for commercial wireless and public safety services by February 17, 2009, the date established by Congress for the completion of the DTV transition. A 24-megahertz portion of the 700 MHz Band is allocated for public safety use, and the remaining portions are available for commercial wireless services. Some of the commercial wireless 700 MHz licenses have already been auctioned, and the FCC is required to begin auctioning the remaining portions no later that January 28, 2008.

 700 MHz Band Auction

 700 MHz Public Safety Spectrum

3650 MHz Band

In March 2005, the FCC adopted rules to allow wireless broadband services in the 3650-3700 MHz spectrum band.

 3650 MHz Order (pdf)

 3650 MHz Recon Order (pdf)

"TV White Spaces Proceeding"

In 2004, the FCC initiated a proceeding that proposes allowing unlicensed radio transmitters to operate in the broadcast television spectrum at locations where that spectrum is not being used.

 TV White Spaces Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (pdf)

 OET TV White Spaces Device Reports Public Notice (pdf)

 OET TV White Spaces Prototype Devices Report (pdf)

 Appendices A&B (pdf)

 OET TV White Spaces Direct Pickup Report (pdf)

Wireless Services in Rural Areas Proceeding

In 2004, the FCC released a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that adopted measures intended to promote access to spectrum and facilitate capital formation for entities seeking to serve rural areas or improve service in rural areas.

 Rural Report & Order & FNPRM (pdf)

Classification of Wireless Broadband

In March 2007, the FCC classified wireless broadband Internet access service as an information service.

 Declaratory Ruling (pdf)

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