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Broadband Opportunities for Rural America


Broadband Opportunities

FCC Proceedings Related to Wireline Broadband

DSL and Fiber

In August of 2005, the FCC adopted policies to allow providers of facilities-based wireline broadband Internet access service, such as DSL, to become more vigorous competitors by eliminating requirements that they share their facilities with other providers. The changes will enable all providers, rural and urban, to respond quickly to consumer demand with efficient, innovative services and spur head-to-head competition with other providers. Some rural carriers, however, indicated they would prefer to continue to offer the service on a common carrier basis. As a result, the Commission allowed carriers to offer the service on a common carrier basis, a non-common carrier basis, or some combination of both. Some rural carriers find they can reduce the cost of broadband deployment through the participation in National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc. (NECA) pooling arrangements or other tariffed rate structures that reflect rate of return regulation.

 FCC Adopts New Rules for Network Unbundling Obligations of Incumbent Local Phone Carriers (Word)

Other actions taken by the Commission to create incentives for deployment of wireline broadband service include:

  • The Commission's August 2003 Triennial Review order provided substantial relief for incumbent local exchange carriers from obligations to unbundle loops utilizing fiber facilities, including fiber-to-the home and hybrid loops. The Commission found that unbundling relief provides incentives for carriers to invest in broadband network facilities, providing competitive alternatives to consumers.

     FCC Adopts New Rules for Network Unbundling Obligations of Incumbent Local Phone Carriers (Word)

  • On October 14, 2004 the Commission expanded this relief by eliminating the obligation of ILECS to lease advanced fiber-to-the-curb network facilities to competitors at a regulated, cost-based price.

     FCC Removes More Roadblocks to Broadband Deployment in Residential Neighborhoods (Word)

  • On October 22, 2004, the Commission expanded the relief for broadband elements by relieving the RBOCs of unbundling obligations under Section 271 the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Triennial Review order provided relief under Section 251 of the Act.

     FCC Further Spurs Advanced Fiber Network Deployment (Word)

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