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Broadband Opportunities for Rural America


Broadband Opportunities

Satellite Services

Satellite Technologies used for Broadband Service

satellite imageSince satellite signals can cover large portions of the U.S. or may even cover all portions of the U.S., they are able to provide services to isolated rural areas that may not receive service via cable or wireline, or even terrestrial wireless, networks.

The ubiquity of satellite signals has long held the potential to deliver broadband communications anywhere and everywhere in America. Satellite technology is capable of reaching every American no matter how rural or remotely located they might be. Satellite entrepreneurs are developing strategies to package and resell satellite capacity to create communications services that are economically and technologically within the reach of rural Americans and their farms and businesses.

Satellite Resources
 Diagram of Satellite Technology (pdf)
 The Use of Satellite Technologies to Deliver Broadband in Rural Areas
 FCC International Bureau

FCC Proceedings Related to Satellite
The FCC's International Bureau licenses U.S. commercial satellites and satellite earth stations. They provide information on rulemaking proceedings that have, or may in the future, authorize satellite service to rural areas.

 International Bureau's Rural Issues

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