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Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Spectrum



The FCC gathers data and releases reports on the current deployment of various wireless and broadband services. The FCC also maintains a comprehensive database of the current licenses and licensees for all of the commercial wireless telecommunications services. These sources of information can be used to research license ownership and geographic coverage, as well as major trends in the wireless and broadband sectors.
The WTB Auctions and Industry Analysis Division produces an annual Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) Competition Report to Congress that includes coverage maps, subscribers, and revenues for publicly-traded wireless carriers.
The FCC collects and reports semi-annual data on broadband deployment and local telephone competition in the United States. The reports on High Speed Services for Internet access contain information on the deployment of broadband services across all technologies, including wireless, and the reports on Local Telephone Competition contain information on the number of mobile telephone subscribers.
Providers of last-mile broadband services (defined as services that transmit data to customers at typical speeds of at least 200 kbps in at least one direction) over any type of platform or technology, including wireless, must submit deployment data to the Commission semi-annually on Form 477.
Technical, geographical, and licensee/applicant data can be obtained using the Universal Licensing System (ULS) search capabilities. ULS allows you to perform searches based on numerous criteria, including licensee/applicant name, call sign, radio service code, market area, channel block, FCC Registration Number (FRN), license or application status, and auction identification.
Search a database of Daily Digest entries for FCC documents posted to the FCC web site since March 1996.
Research any document in the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) including non-electronic documents that have been scanned into the system from 1992 onward.
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