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Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Spectrum


Filing Comments

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is interested in any experiences, knowledge, or insights the public may have to shed light on issues and questions raised in its rulemaking process. The public and industry have the opportunity to comment upon Petitions for Rulemaking, Notices of Inquiry, Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, and Further Notices of Proposed Rulemaking. These comments can be filed in paper form or electronically. See Spectrum Policy Task Force Proceedings and Initiatives to view the upcoming comment and reply comment due dates in various FCC proceedings.
In the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) proceeding, the FCC has sought public and industry comments.
In September 2004, the Commission released an order designating certain spectrum in the 2 GHz band for AWS, specifically 1915-1920 MHz, 1995-2000 MHz, 2020-2025 MHz and 2175-2180 MHz. At the same time, the Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking public comment on service rules for this spectrum. Comments were due on December 8, 2004 and reply comments were due February 8, 2005.
When the FCC seeks public comment in this or any other proceeding, it will release a document informing the public of the date comments are due and what specific information it is seeking comments about.
AWS Proceedings
Docket No. 00-258 allocates spectrum below 3 GHz for Advanced Wireless Services, including Third Generation ("3G") systems.
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Docket No. 02-353 establishes services rules for the 90 MHz of AWS spectrum in the 1.7 and 2.1 GHz bands.
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Docket No. 04-356 focuses on establishing service rules for the 20 MHz of AWS spectrum at 1915-1920 MHz, 1995-2000 MHz, 2020-2025 MHz, and 2175-2180 MHz.
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