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220 MHz Services



Licenses in this band, whether they were initially issued as a result of lottery or auction, are maintained through our Universal Licensing System (ULS). New licenses are issued only via auction for all 220 MHz spectrum except Public Safety or Government only spectrum.

Obtaining Spectrum

There are a total of 908 geographical area licenses (QA radio service). Most of these licenses have been successfully auctioned in auctions 18, 24, 43, and 72. The Commission may hold additional auctions in the future for QA licenses that revert back to the FCC. Information about such auctions may be obtained at the FCC Auctions website.
Also, there are additional ways to gain access to this spectrum:
  1. You may lease spectrum by entering into a contract with a 220 MHz Band Manager.
  2. A Licensee may sell all or part of its license to you, subject to FCC approval. (Assignment or Partial Assignment).
  3. You may acquire a 220 MHz licensee’s company, including its FCC license, subject to FCC approval. (Transfer of Control).
Methods 2 and 3 require an application via the ULS and subsequent approval of the FCC.

Methods of Obtaining Spectrum

Method for Obtaining SpectrumCFR Rule Part
220 MHz Band Manager
Leasing contract. See Public Notice DA 02-2717 (pdf)
1.9001 to 1.9080
Assignment of Authorization
Sale of an entire license.
Sale of part of a license based on a geographic area.
Sale of part of a license’s spectrum.
Partition & Disaggregation
A combination of the sale of a part of a license based on geographic area containing only a part of a license’s spectrum.
Transfer of Control
Acquisition of a company and its assets, including its licenses.

Universal Licensing System
 License Search
Radio Service Codes
QT- Phase I Trunked service
QD - Phase I Data service
QO - Phase I Other service
QM - Public Safety licenses
NC - Phase I Nationwide Commercial service
QA - Phase II auctioned service

Auctions and Winning Bidders
9/15/1998 - 10/22/1998
693 Licenses Won
6/8/1999 - 6/30/1999
222 Licenses Won
1/10/2002 - 1/17/2002
27 Licenses Won
6/20/2007 - 6/26/2007
76 Licenses Won
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