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700 MHz Guard Bands



A total of 4 megahertz of spectrum, designated as Guard Bands, are allocated in the upper 700 MHz Band to protect public safety operations from harmful interference while promoting the efficient use of this spectrum.
The Guard Bands licenses were auctioned geographically in 52 Major Economic Areas (MEAs). Two licenses were issued for each MEA; the paired A Block consists of 2 megahertz total and the paired B Block also consists of 2 megahertz total.

Licensing Process

  1. Spectrum Auction
    The FCC conducts a spectrum auction of one or more licenses.

  2. Filing Applications
    Once an auction is completed, the FCC issues a public notice announcing the winning high bidders and provides instructions regarding down payments on the licenses won as well as instructions for submitting a completed long-form Form 601 application(s) covering each license. Such applications must be filed electronically through the Universal Licensing System.

  3. Final Payments
    Final payments for the licenses are due 10 days after the FCC issues a public notice announcing it is prepared to grant the licenses.

  4. Grant Announcements
    The FCC will then issue a public notice announcing grant of license.

  5. Performance Requirements
    Once licensed, FCC Rules require that Guard Band Managers meet specific performance requirements.


Performance Requirements

Performance requirements are governed by 47 CFR 27.607 which refers to 47 CFR 27.14 (a). The Second Report and Order (FCC 00-90 (pdf)) defines substantial service requirements.
700 MHz Guard Bands licensees must file a Required Notification application, within their initial license term, demonstrating they are providing substantial service within their license area. A Guard Bands licensee may satisfy the substantial service requirement by leasing the predominant amount of its licensed spectrum in at least 50 percent of the geographic area covered by its license or by providing coverage to 50 percent of the population of its service area at the license-renewal mark.

Universal Licensing System
 Daily Transaction Files
 Online Filing
 License Search
Radio Service Codes
WX - 700 MHz Bands

Auctions and Winning Bidders
9/6/2000 - 9/21/2000
96 Licenses Won
2/13/2001 - 2/21/2001
8 Licenses Won
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