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Amateur Radio Service



License Grants & Exams

Operation of an amateur station requires an amateur operator license grant from the FCC. Before receiving a license grant, you must pass an examination administered by a team of volunteer examiners (VEs). The VEs determine the license operator class for which you are qualified through the testing of your skills and abilities in operating an amateur station. You can contact a VE team in your community to make arrangements for being administered the examination elements you desire. If you need assistance in finding a VE team in your area, contact a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC).
After you successfully complete the exam, the VEC collects your Form 605 document from your VE team and, after carefully screening it, forwards the information thereon to the FCC for processing, usually electronically. The VEC may also handle registering an examinee with the FCC. Your operating authority begins when your license grant information appears on the amateur service licensee database of the Universal Licensing System.

Common Filing Tasks

Once initially licensed, Amateur licensees may perform some standard filing tasks in the Universal Licensing System (ULS), including:

Universal Licensing System
 Daily Transaction Files
 Online Filing
 License Search
 Application Search
Radio Service Codes
HA - Amateur
HV - Amateur Vanity

Fee and Mailing Instructions (pdf)
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