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General Mobile Radio Service



Operation of a GMRS system requires an FCC license grant. The FCC usually grants GMRS system licenses for a five-year term. You can renew your license 90 days prior to its expiration date of that license.
To apply for a license, you may file electronically through the Universal Licensing System (ULS), or submit FCC Form 605 manually.

Filing Electronically

For the current fee amount, see Wireless Fee Filing Guide (pdf)
To file an application for a new license in ULS, go to ULS Home, select Online Filing, and follow the instructions below:
  1. Login. You will need an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password. If you don't have an FRN and password, you can obtain them by registering online with the FCC Commission Registration System (CORES).
  2. For Purpose of Application, select New (NE) and click Continue.
  3. Select the GMRS radio service code (ZA) from the drop down menu.
  4. Complete the application.
  5. Sign your application by typing your name in the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click Submit to file your application with the Commission. (If there are errors in your application, you will be prompted to return and correct the errors).
After submitting the application form, you will receive an Application Confirmation page, which displays your file number and filing fee. Print this page for your records. Then, click on the Form 159 button at the bottom of the Confirmation page. Login to Form 159 with the FRN and password of the party paying for the application. Finally, click the Pay Online by Credit Card link. If you do not want to pay online, click the View Form 159 button to print out a completed copy of the Form and mail to the following address:
Federal Communications Commission
Wireless Bureau Applications
P. O. Box 979097
St. Louis, MO, 63197-9000

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ZA - General Mobile Radio Services

Fee and Mailing Instructions (pdf)
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