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Lower 700 MHz



The FCC reclaimed the spectrum between 698 MHz and 746 MHz for new services and, in 2002, completed an initial auction (Auction No. 44) of 740 licenses in the Lower 700 MHz C and D blocks (the 710-716/740-746 MHz and 716-722 MHz bands). The C block licenses consist of one 12-megahertz block combining a pair of 6 megahertz segments in each of 734 700 MHz MSA/RSAs. The D block licenses consist of one 6-megahertz block of contiguous, unpaired spectrum in each of six regions known as the 700 MHz band economic area groupings (700 MHz EAGs).
There are two ways to obtain spectrum in the Lower 700 MHz Service. You must go through the Auction Process, or Obtain Spectrum from a Current Licensee.

Auction Process

An additional auction for the C and D blocks (Auction No. 49) was completed on June 13, 2003. Auctions for the A, B, and E Blocks have not been scheduled.
  1. Spectrum Auction
    The FCC conducts a spectrum auction of one or more licenses.

  2. Filing Applications
    Once an auction is completed, the FCC issues a public notice announcing the winning high bidders and provides instructions regarding down payments on the licenses won as well as instructions for submitting a completed long-form Form 601 application(s) covering each license. Such applications must be filed electronically through the Universal Licensing System.

  3. Grant Announcements
    The FCC will then issue a public notice announcing grant of license.

  4. Requirements
    Once licensed, FCC rules require licensees to meet additional requirements (e.g. license terms and renewal, regulatory statute changes, etc.) For more information see operations and 47 CFR Part 1 and Part 27.


Obtaining Spectrum from Current Licensee

There are several ways you may be able to obtain a lower 700 MHz license(s) from a current licensee. First, licensees may sell all or part of the license, subject to FCC approval, to other entities. Second, you may acquire a company, including its licenses. These transactions require Online Filing of Form 603 via the Universal Licensing System. Third, you may lease all or part of a licensee’s spectrum usage rights. Most leasing transactions require Online Filing of Form 608 via the Universal Licensing System.
Method for Obtaining SpectrumCFR Rule Part
Assignment of Authorization
Sale of an entire license.
Sale of part of a license based on a geographic area.
Sale of part of a license's spectrum.
Partition & Disaggregation
A combination of the sale of a part of a license based on geographic area containing only a part of a license's spectrum.
Spectrum Leasing
Leasing of all or a part of a licensee's spectrum usage rights associated with a license. More...
Transfer of Control
Acquisition of a company and its assets, including its licenses.

Universal Licensing System
 Daily Transaction Files
 Online Filing
 License Search
Radio Service Codes
WZ - Lower 700 MHz

Auctions and Winning Bidders
8/27/2002 - 9/18/2002
484 Licenses Won
5/28/2003 - 6/13/2003
251 Licenses Won
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