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Specialized Mobile Radio Service



Licenses in the 800 MHz SMR and 900 MHz SMR bands are contained in the Universal Licensing System (ULS).
Maintaining a license may require periodic filings such as a modification, transfer, assignment, or renewal application or a notification of construction or consummation. For forms and fee information, see Forms & Fees.

Obtaining Spectrum

There were a total of 4375 EA licenses available in the first 800 MHz auction. Most of the licenses were sold at auction. Any license that was not sold may be available for subsequent auctions. The total number of licenses available can change at any time because of disaggregation, partitioning, or cancellations.
Currently there is no 800 MHz SMR or 900 MHz SMR spectrum scheduled for auction (see FCC Auctions Home Page). There are, however, other methods to gain access to this spectrum. Each requires a filing via the ULS.
Method for Obtaining SpectrumCFR Rule Part
Assignment of Authorization
Sale of an entire license.
Sale of part of a license based on a geographic area.
rule 90.911 (800 MHz) & rule 90.813 (900 MHz)
Sale of part of a license’s spectrum.
Partition & Disaggregation
A combination of the sale of a part of a license based on geographic area containing only a part of a license’s spectrum.
Transfer of Control
Acquisition of a company and its assets, including its licenses.
rule 1.948
Spectrum Leasing
Leasing of all or a part of a licensee's spectrum usage rights associated with a license. licenses. More...

Universal Licensing System
 License Search
Radio Service Codes
GL: 900 Conventional SMR site specific
GM: 800 Conventional SMR site specific
GR: 900 Conventional SMR
GX: 800 Conventional SMR
YC: 800 Auctioned SMR
YD: 900 Auctioned SMR
YH: 800 Auctioned SMR - Rebanded YC
YL: 900 Trunked SMR site specific
YM: 800 Trunked SMR site specific
YS: 900 Trunked SMR
YX: 800 Trunked SMR

Auctions and Winning Bidders
12/5/1995 - 4/15/1996
1020 Licenses Won
10/28/1997 - 12/8/1997
524 Licenses Won
11/1/2000 - 12/5/2000
2800 Licenses Won
1/10/2002 - 1/17/2002
27 Licenses Won
2/11/2004 - 2/25/2004
55 Licenses Won
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