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3650-3700 MHz Radio Service



Non Exclusive Nationwide License

The Commission will issue an unlimited number of non-exclusive nationwide licenses to non-Federal entities for the 50 Megahertz of spectrum allocated for commercial use.
These licenses will serve as a prerequisite for registering individual fixed and base stations. The 3650-3700 MHz band is allocated on a shared basis. In addition there is a requirement to protect three Federal Radiolocation stations as well as grandfathered non-Federal incumbent licensees in the Fixed Satellite Service (FSS). Therefore, a licensee will not be authorized to operate a fixed or base station under its non-exclusive nationwide license until each base or fixed station is registered and in an "Accepted" status and the nationwide license is updated on Universal License System (ULS).
Applicants for non-exclusive nationwide licenses will be required to file FCC Form 601 Main Form. Because the non-exclusive nationwide license serves as a prerequisite for registering fixed and base stations, an applicant will receive a single license for the entire bandwidth of the 3650 MHz band (i.e., 3650-3700 MHz).
Applications for nationwide non-exclusive licenses may be filed on or after November 15, 2007.
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