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3650-3700 MHz Radio Service



Notice to Common Carriers

A license is required to file fixed and base station registrations so applicants that plan to operate under more than one regulatory status, and that seek to register and operate fixed and base stations on a non-common carrier and/or private, internal basis as early as possible, may file one application for common carrier regulatory status and a second application for non-common carrier and/or private, internal regulatory status. Applications to provide non-common carrier service and/or for private, internal communications may be granted any time after they are accepted for filing. Applications that include a request for common carrier regulatory status will not be granted prior to the 31st day following the issuance of a Public Notice accepting the application for filing. This waiting period accommodates the statutory right of petitioners to file petitions to deny against common carrier applications. System limitations preclude WTB from processing a non-common carrier request separately when filed on the same form as a common carrier request. (However, applicants that are willing to have their entire application processed under the “common carrier” track, i.e., under the “notice and 30-day waiting period” of Section 1.945(b), can request common carrier and non-common carrier status on a single Form 601.)
EXAMPLE: On November 21, 2007, WTB releases the weekly Public Notice of applications received between November 12-16, 2007, that are acceptable for filing. The 31st day following this Public Notice is Saturday, December 22, 2007, making Monday, December 24, 2007, the first day on which a common carrier application received on November 15-16, 2007, can be granted.
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