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Millimeter Wave 70-80-90 GHz Service



Nationwide License

The Commission will issue an unlimited number of non-exclusive nationwide licenses to non-Federal Government entities for the 12.9 gigahertz of spectrum allocated for commercial use.
These licenses will serve as a prerequisite for registering individual point-to-point links. The 71-95 GHz bands are allocated on a shared basis with Federal Government users. Therefore, a licensee will not be authorized to operate a link under its non-exclusive nationwide license until the link is both:
  1. coordinated with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) with respect to Federal Government operations, and
  2. registered as an approved link with a third-party Database Manager.
Applicants for non-exclusive nationwide licenses will be required to file FCC Form 601 Main Form and Schedule B. Because the non-exclusive nationwide license serves as a prerequisite for registering links, an applicant will initially receive a single license for all available frequency bands (71-76, 81-86, 92- 94.0, and 94.1 - 95 GHz).
Applications for nationwide non-exclusive licenses may be filed on or after June 21, 2004.
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