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Millimeter Wave 70-80-90 GHz Service


Link Registration

The non-exclusive nationwide license is a required prerequisite for registering individual links. Therefore, individual links cannot be registered until a non-exclusive nationwide license is obtained.

Interim Process

Note that the interim process ended on February 7, 2005 with the launch of Third Party Database System. Beginning February 8, 2005 all links must be registered with third party database managers using the permanent process described below.

Permanent Process

To register a link, licensees must have already filed for and been granted a non-exclusive nationwide license from the Commission.
Starting on February 8, 2005 (Transition Date), licensees must register links through one of the Database Managers. After the transition, ULS will no longer accept applications for registration of individual links unless the applicant indicates that the link has received a yellow light, requires environmental assessment; requires coordination because of a quiet zone; or is subject to international coordination requirements. Licensees may contact any of the Database Managers for more information about registering a link on the 3PDS. The public can access all registered links through the 3PDBS.
Further information about registering links during the permanent process is provided in Public Notice DA 05-311.
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