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Local Television Transmission Service


Common Filing Tasks

Renew a License

There are two ways of filing an application to renew your license; electronically or manually. The rules require certain services to file electronically(See 1.913(b) of the Commission’s Rules).
Note that Broadcast Auxiliary Licenses under Subparts D, E, F and H of Part 74 which are associated with a Broadcast Station license are renewed automatically when the Broadcast Station license is renewed. Broadcast Auxiliary licenses that are not associated with a Broadcast Station license (e.g. those issued to network entities, cable network entities, television producers or movie producers) must be renewed using the procedure described below.

Using the Universal Licensing System

You may renew your license through the Universal Licensing System (ULS) at any time within 90 days of the expiration date for the license.
When entering information into the online system, licensees will find that certain fields and questions collected on the FCC Form 601 must be completed or ULS edits will not allow the licensee to continue to the next screen. ULS will display a message if a required field is left blank and licensees will be given the opportunity to go back to the screen and complete the required fields.
Note: The address and contact information you have entered in CORES registration will not be automatically associated with your licenses. To change the address or other contact information on your license, you must update your information in ULS or submit Form 601 manually.
To renew your license, access the ULS homepage select Online Filing, and follow the instructions below.
  1. Log in to the “License Manager” page with your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password. If you do not have an FRN, you must obtain one first by going to the FCC Registration site.
  2. If you have saved applications, the system will open to a page titled “My Applications.” From this page choose the My Licenses link in the side navigation menu at the left side of the screen.
  3. On the “My Licenses” page, select the Renew Licenses link from the navigation menu at the left side of the screen. Note: For additional help with the renewal process, click on the Common Questions links that appear on most pages of ULS License Manager, or click the Help link at the top right of each page. Alternatively you may select an individual call sign from the list of your licenses and, once the “license at a glance” page for that call sign has loaded, select renew license from the “Work on this License” menu at the right side of the screen. Note that the renew license link will only appear if the license is eligible for renewal(within 90 days of expiration).
  4. On the “Select Licenses” page, select the license(s) you want to renew, and click on the Add button to add them to the Licenses to Renew list, click Continue when ready. Note that you can filter the licenses shown in the licenses box by selecting a specific radio service in the filter by radio service drop down box.
  5. On the “Renew Licenses & Select Updates” page, you may indicate whether you wish to update the Licensee Information, Contact Information, Alien Ownership/Qualifications/Demographics, Controls Points or Technical Data by selecting the box(es) next to the information you wish to update. Click Continue when ready.
  6. If you indicated that you wanted to update Radio Service, Alien Ownership/Qualifications/Demographics, or Technical Data, you will be required to complete the FCC Form 601. If you indicated that you also wanted to update Licensee Information, Contact Information, or Control Point Information in addition to Radio Service, Alien Ownership, Qualifications & Demographics information, or Technical Data you must provide that information on the Form 601. For additional help completing the 601 you may click on the “?” button. Once you have completed the Form 601 skip to step 11.
  7. If you indicated that you wanted to update only Licensee Information, Contact Information, or Control Point Information you will next be presented with an “Applicant Questions” page. Once you answer the questions on the “Applicant Questions” page and click Continue you will be presented with additional pages where you can review and update licensee information, contact information, or control point information. Make any corrections that are necessary and click Continue when ready.
  8. On the “Summary” page review the information you have entered. If you wish to make additional changes, click the Edit button next to the section of your application you wish to edit. You will be able to return to that page of the application. Make the desire change and select the Return to Summary button. When ready to submit your update to the Commission, choose the Continue to Certify button when ready.
  9. After reading the certification, enter your first and last names and title if appropriate in the boxes at the bottom of the page. You MUST sign the application. When finished choose the Submit Application button.
  10. From the Confirmation page, we recommend you print a copy of your application and/or the Confirmation screen itself from your web browser.
  11. If the application requires a fee, click the Form 159 button. Log in to Form 159 with the FRN and password of the party paying for the application.
  12. Finally, click the Pay Online by Credit Card link or if you do not wish to pay online, click the View Form 159 button to print out a completed Form and mail it with the appropriate payment. The appropriate filing address will be identified on the confirmation page in ULS or can be determined by consulting the Wireless Fee Filing Guide.
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Manually Filing Using Paper Form 601

See Forms & Fees for information on how to download forms, or request forms by phone, fax on demand, or in writing. For information on applicable fees, see the Wireless Filing Guide.
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