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Citizens Band


Citizens Band (CB)

47 CFR 95 Subpart D prescribes all operating requirements which apply to CB. General system technical details and major operational regulations are highlighted below.


You must use an FCC certificated CB transmitter at your CB station. You can identify an FCC certificated transmitter by the certification label placed on it by the manufacturer.

Territorial Limits

You may operate your CB unit within the territorial limits of the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, and the Caribbean and Pacific Insular areas ("U.S."). You may also operate your CB on or over any other area of the world, except within the territorial limits of areas where radio-communications are regulated by another agency of the U.S. or within the territorial limits of any foreign government. You may also be permitted to use your CB unit in Canada subject to the rules of Industry Canada. Travelers to the U.S. may operate a CB unit within the U.S. as long the unit is FCC certificated.

Linear Amplifier Ban

Users may not raise the power output of their CB units. That would be unfair to the other users sharing the channel by raising the level of radio noise. You must not attach a "linear," "linear amplifier" or any other type of power amplifier to your CB unit, Moreover, you must not modify your CB unit internally. Doing so cancels its certification and you forfeit your authorization to use it.


There are no height restrictions for antennas mounted on vehicles or for hand-held units. For structures, the highest point of your antenna must not be more than 20 feet above the highest point of the building or tree on which it is mounted, or 60 feet above the ground. There are lower height limits if your antenna structure is located within two miles of an airport.

Ten Codes

Ten-codes are operating aids used by public safety and other professional communicators. The FCC does not regulate the meaning of the ten-codes. You may use an on-the-air pseudonym ("handle") of your choosing.
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