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BRS & EBS Radio Services



Under the new rules, licensees will have the flexibility to use the technology of their choice for a wide variety of purposes. Until a market is transitioned, licensees may continue to operate in accordance with their currently licensed operations.

Geographic Service Area

The new rules provide each licensee with a geographic service area. For EBS and site-based BRS authorizations, the geographic service area generally consists of the station's 35-mile protected service area (PSA). In those instances where two stations have overlapping PSAs, the rules use a "splitting a football" approach to divide the overlap area between the licensees. For BRS BTA authorization holders, the geographic service area consists of those portions of the BTA not occupied by the GSAs of other stations. Licensees may, in most cases, modify their facilities, consistent with the new technical rules, without prior Commission approval. With geographic area licensing, licensees may also add additional facilities (such as hubs and boosters) within their GSA without prior Commission approval, so long as the facilities comply with the technical rules.
Licensees must file applications and be granted specific licenses for individual facilities within their GSAs if: (1) international agreements require coordination; (2) submission of an environmental assessment is required; or (3) the station would affect the radio quiet zones.

Antenna Registration

Any antenna structure that requires notification to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must be registered with the Commission prior to construction.
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