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Ground Stations



Hand-held Aviation VHF Radio

You may only use your hand-held aviation VHF radio from your aircraft, or under the authority of an FCC ground station authorization. Ground station authorizations are usually only issued to aviation service organizations located on airports, businesses engaged in pilot training, aircraft manufacturers, or persons engaged in chase activities related to soaring and ballooning.

FAA Coordination

See ATC Spectrum Engineering Services on the FAA website for filing requirements involving construction or alteration of transmitting facilities at an airport.

Construction Requirements

For aeronautical advisory (Unicom) stations and radionavigation land stations (excluding test stations) only
When a new license has been issued or additional operating frequencies have been authorized, the station or frequencies must be placed in operation no later than one year from the date of the grant. The licensee must notify the Commission in accordance with Section 1.946 of the Commission's rules.
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