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Paging service is the transmission of coded radio signals for the purpose of activating specific pagers; such transmissions may include messages or sounds. A pager is a small radio receiver designed to be carried by a person and to give an aural, visual or tactile indication when activated by the reception of a radio signal containing its specific code. It may also reproduce sounds and/or display messages that were also transmitted. Some pagers also transmit a radio signal acknowledging that a message has been received. In order to transmit a page, the following must occur: 1) calling party dials pager number; 2) the call goes through the paging company's switch; 3) the switch broadcasts the signal through a link transmitter (or to a satellite); and 4) the transmitter receives the signal and relays it to the pager.
There are a number of issues related to operations using commercial paging spectrum. You can read more about Blocking & Jamming, International Agreements, Tower Siting and Resale.
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