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Broadband PCS



Microwave Relocations

PCS entities (both licensed and unlicensed) are required to relocate existing Fixed Microwave Services (FMS) licensees that operate facilities in the 1850-1990 MHz band if interference to the existing FMS operations would occur as a result of the operation of a PCS system. All PCS entities that benefit from spectrum clearance by other PCS entities or a voluntarily relocating microwave incumbent, must contribute to such relocation costs in accordance with a cost-sharing formula adopted by the Commission. See rule 47 CFR 24.239-24.253 for more information.
The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, under delegated authority, has selected the Personal Communications Industry Association ("PCIA") and the Industrial Telecommunications Association, Inc. ("ITA") to operate as neutral, not-for-profit clearinghouses to administer the cost-sharing plan adopted by the Commission. PCIA and ITA administer the cost-sharing plan by maintaining the cost and payment records related to the relocation of each link and determining the cost-sharing obligations of subsequent PCS entities. You can find additional information on the PCIA site or by calling Marshall Medoff at ITA at (703) 528-5115.
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